Your home in Ayvalik


With its old houses and streets as well as natural, historical, and cultural treasures, Ayvalik is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations of not only the Aegean Region but also the entire country of Turkey. With its climate conditions, adequate tourism infrastructure, countless bays of unrivaled beauty, clear and clean waters, underwater fauna and flora, Ayvalik is an ideal vacation destination. With one-day tours in Ayvalik, you can climb the Kaz Mountains and the Kozak Plateau, sunbathe in the Sarimsaklı Beach, try the unique flavors and tastes of the local cuisine, or take a boat tour. Again, you can wander Bergama, Troy, and the Canakkale War Graves area with one-day tours or can pass to the Lesbos Island (Greece) with a one-hour ferry ride.




Daily Activities

  • Sand-Sea-Sun Sessions: You can sunbathe on the Capri beach within walking distance of the hotel or on the Sarimsakli or Patrica Beaches depending on your preference and swim in the pristine blue waters.
  • Daily Tours: You can navigate 24 islands and Cunda with daily boat trips or accompanied by professional divers in the diving schools, you can dive to see the red corals indigenous to Ayvalik.
  • Local Cuisines: You can enjoy the local tastes, seafood, and herb varieties whether in our hotel or in the local kitchens in Ayvalik and Cunda.
  • Photo Safari: You can photo-safari among the registered homes belonging to the neoclassical period, churches, monasteries and mosques in Ayvalik and Cunda and you can go on an historic journey.
  • Trekking: You can go on trekking whether in the Kozak Plateau or the Ayvalik Islands Natural Park through pine and olive smell and finish the day with plenty of clean oxygen.
  • Sunset and the Devil’s Table: Make sure you climb up to the Devil’s Table at the sunset and sip your tea while watching the sunset.
  • Spectacular Landscapes at Cunda: While sipping your coffee in the Sevim-Necdet Kent Library, watch and photograph Cunda from a wonderful location


Possible Distances

  • Daily Boat Trips Pier is 50 m, Diving Schools Pier is 55 m from the Hotel
  • The Capri Beach is 800 m, Sarimsakli Beaches are 5 km, Cunda Center is 6 km, Patrica Beaches are 9 km from the Hotel
  • Dikili is 39 km, Bergama (Pergamon Kingdom and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape-UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) is 62 km from the Hotel
  • The Kozak Plateau is 28 km, Ayvalik Bus Station is 6 km, and the Korfez Airport is 40 km from the Hotel
  • The Güre Spa Hotels is 61 km, Assos Behramkale is 102 km, Troy Ancient City (Archaeological Site of Troy – UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) is 191 km, and Çanakkale War Graves Region is 196 km from the Hotel.