Nature, history, and peace

With peaceful and fresh basil smelling streets, quiet coves, delicious olive oil dishes, famous Ayvalik toast, Oriel Greek houses on cobbled streets, friendly and hospitable people, fresh fragranced pine forests with fascinating beauty, docile cats, and rope jumping, ball playing children, Ayvalik is a corner from the heaven that fascinates its visitors.

Even the setting and rising of the sun is different in Ayvalik. For those who want to enjoy these moments, we suggest going to the Devil’s Table in the related hours. Ayvalik is quite rich in terms of history, culture, sand, sea, sun, nature, gastronomy and underwater and surface water riches. You can photo-safari in Ayvalik Center and Cunda to take photos of civil architecture of the neo-classical period. Ayvalik is also a city of museums, churches, mosques, monasteries, local workshops, art galleries, local cuisines, and emigrant families.

Are you ready to wander the narrow streets of the “old city”, take photographs, and make a journey back to the history in Cunda and Ayvalik Center…

The Orchis Hotel came to life with the restoration of a century-old soap factory in one of these streets. Our hotel is situated at the Fabrikalar Aralığı (old town) district, for which a UNESCO World Heritage application is made. There are 16 standard rooms, a 150-person restaurant, an authentic street cafe, a snack bar and a multi-purpose hall in our hotel. For all kinds of activities (dances, meetings, buffet breakfast, a la carte menu, cocktails, etc.), we are at your service with our local cuisine, authentic rooms, and professional friendly staff…

We invite you to be our guest in an authentic atmosphere nested within history and have your vacation in the cool waters of the North Aegean.